Potato Hate Explosion


review published: 1/7/2018


Potato Hate Explosion is a one-man metal/grindcore band based out of Missouri. Flowerviolence is the project's twentieth full length album.

It's clear from the opening title track that Flowerviolence is going to be a wild ride. Potato Hate Explosion blasts through furious riffs, grinding rhythms and a brutal breakdown all within the first 60 seconds of the title track, at which point the song takes a complete turn. A "crunk-core" style synth/beat combo barges in while indecipherable screams hang in the background. "Flowerviolence" shifts back into its heavier side with blast beats and breakdowns, but this time accompanied by glitch programming and synth arrangements.

This is Potato Hate Explosion's M.O. – throw everything at the listener spanning all sub-genres of hardcore, metal and beyond. "Cherryhouse" features a horror score inspired organ sandwiched between its ultra heavy beginning and closing sections while "Purple Zephyr" veers into E.D.M./Trap music beats and an NES 8-bit sounding synth section.

While some of the wackiness sounds entirely forced (see: the choppy structures of "Centerpiece" and "Primal Revival"), the moments that Potato Hate Explosion sound sincere in their off the wall approach actually work well. The ambient noise segue of "Channel" that bridges its upbeat intro to an off rhythm breakdown works well, as does the transition from hip hop beats to blast beats in the opening moments of "Megafauna."

However, the best moments on Flowerviolence are clearly its heaviest. Potato Hate Explosion excels at writing intriguing riffs and heavy breakdowns that never seem in danger of cliché, but then again nothing about this record could be considered cliché.

Bottom Line: Flowerviolence is certainly messy in some spots, and one can't help but wonder if the "crunk-core" influence will turn off more listeners than it turns on, but Potato Hate Explosion is talented enough and strange enough to warrant a few spins.

Track Listing: 01. Flowerviolence 02. Cherryhouse 03. Limehouse 04. Megafauna 05. Purple Zephyr 06. Centerpiece 07. By Blood 08. Channel 09. Primal Revival 10. 20/20/20 11. Citrus Sun