Fatal Ways

review published: 10/3/2017


Fatebringer are a crossover metal band from Texas. Fatal Ways, the group's debut EP is an impressive collection of thrashy riffs and hardcore rhythms that sounds straight out of the 80's.

Fatal Ways kicks off with "Enter My Realm," an instrumental intro track based around a mid paced Slayer-esque riff before delving into the group's blistering eponymous track. "Fatebringer" is loaded with thrash riffs, gang vocals and a crunchy breakdown fit for any pit. Grungy guitar tones, reverb drenched vocals and a ripping solo round out the song, bringing to mind classic thrash of the 80s.

Fatebringer drive through the record's slower-paced third track, "Evil Source," teetering on the edge of skate punk as it kicks into double time halfway through. Bands like DRI and Suicidal Tendencies come to mind when the band drops back into a chuggy palm-muted riff before closing out on a blazing guitar lead.

The EP closes out with the bass heavy title-track. The band grooves between headbanging thrash sections and a classic hardcore breakdown with plenty of pinched harmonics. It's an amalgamation of everything that Fatebringer does well, ending the record on a high note.

Bottom line: While Fatebringer may not be as technical a band as Municpal Waste, they do an excellent job of playing modern crossover. Fatal Ways is an excellent debut from a band I'm looking to hear more from.

Track Listing: 01. Enter My Realm 02. Fatebringer 03. Evil Source 04. Fatal Ways