Technicyst Fix

Reconciliation As A Service

review published: 9/5/2017


Technicyst Fix is a one-man electronic project from Austin, TX. The latest EP from the artist, Reconciliation As A Service, draws from industrial, breakcore and noise, creating a dark and strange club record.

Essentially, Reconciliation As A Service is pure chaos. The five tracks on the EP run the gamut of danceable beats, grinding rhythm changes and harsh noise, creating one of the strangest, most interesting and down-right challenging listens. Opener "Modified Boxplot" kicks off with a groovy dance beat before unraveling into some sort of cyber grind, computer malfunction sounding cacophony. From there, it's an odd journey through rapid rhythm changes, blips, bloops and near white noise.

Tracks like "Its Concavity And Points Of Inflection" and "Abscissa" have denser, louder productions while "Step Discontinuity" relies on a sparser, more open sound. But the common underlying principle to Technicyst Fix is creating a sense of discomfort, jumping between off-kilter rhythmic patterns and digital noise. It's all a lot to take in - no idea is explored beyond more than a few dozen seconds without being overrun by its succeeding part or interrupted by grating tones.

While it's clear Reconciliation As A Service exists outside of the metal universe, it definitely draws inspiration from and builds off the heavy music community. There is an intensity and rawness to the sound that complements the more extreme sub-genres of metal.

Bottom Line: Reconciliation As A Service is for the daring. Fans of industrial metal and noise music would be wise to give this a listen.

Track Listing: 01. Modified Boxplot 02. Its Concavity and Points of Inflection 03. Step Discontinuity 04. Abscissa 05. Dyspixelated Reconciliations