Promethean Reign

Aftó Eínai Pólemo

review published: 8/28/2017


Promethean Reign are a four-piece metal band from Oxfordshire, England. Influenced by bands such as Bathory and Mayhem, the group's debut EP, titled Aftó Eínai Pólemo, is an impressive blend of black and death metal.

Kicking off with a dark orchestral synth intro, opener "By The Ashen Light Of Dawn" hammers through melodic black metal riffs over a swirl of mid-paced double kick rhythms. As the track gains momentum, led by the partially screamed, partially growled vocals, Promethean Reign pick up the pace, ripping into blast beats and an impressive guitar solo before the track's conclusion.

The band continues plying their formula on the following track, "The Great Deceiver," which snakes its way through a winding structure, picking up and slowing down with ease. Promethean Reign never lean too heavily on any genre stereotype, keeping their sound fresh by blending a number of styles. "The Great Deceiver" even features a down-tuned, metalcore staccato style riff just before ending.

The group further shows their versatility on the following tracks. "Dead Gods & Excrement" belts its way through blazing riffs and grinding rhythms, while "Titanomachy," with its chanted intro, is a slow burner, building to a chaotic ending.

Aftó Eínai Pólemo finishes up with "Burn," combining Promethean Reign's aggressive styles into one long serpentine arrangement. The track fluidly weaves in and out of black metal grooves and slower, chuggier riffs before closing out on a huge thrashy solo.

Bottom Line: Fans of death metal and black metal would be wise to check out Aftó Eínai Pólemo. Promethean Reign are talented musicians and creative songwriters.

Track Listing: 01. By The Ashen Light Of Dawn 02. The Great Deceiver 03. Dead Gods & Excrement 04. Titanomachy 05. Burn