Sounds Like Murder

review published: 7/12/2017


It's been two years since we last heard from Ukrainian rock/metal band Septa. Their last EP, Destroyer, was an interesting mix of hardcore, rock and nu-metal, fusing ideas across the entire heavy music spectrum into a diverse and creative batch of songs. On Sounds Like Murder, the four-piece seems to have settled into a more established sound, leaning less on their influences while they carve out their own niche.

Septa are still all over the place aesthetically, but the songs on Sounds Like Murder move smoothly, sharing a tonality that aids the flow of the record. Heavier tracks like "High Pitch Noise" and "Red Code" utilize heavy metalcore riffing and screamed vocals while the more melodic side of Septa is apparent on "Sky Moves Faster" and "Supercell," the former based around a post-rock, clean guitar tone.

The band is at their best, though, during the more diverse songs that run the gamut of their entire sound. Opener "11th: Omen" chugs along a heavy bass line in the verse before hitting its catchy chorus. Later, "The Rats In The Walls" builds from a clean opening section to a super heavy palm-muted breakdown. It's the diversity in these songs that makes them some of the strongest on the record.

Septa also have an experimental side on Sounds Like Murder. The group veers into a jazzy, piano backed break in the otherwise dissonant "The Seducer" and kicks off "When There Is No Time" with an 80's dark synth tone before shifting into a ballad-esque rock song. While the change into a techno/industrial act on "Means, Motive And Opportunity" is completely out of place on the record, you still have to appreciate Septa's willingness to try it.

The band explores even further on the final two tracks of the record. "Narcosis" is equal parts Sevendust and Zao in its heavier moments, but also features a cleanly sung, melodic chorus section. On instrumental closer, "13th: Aftermath," the band once again calls upon a post-rock influence closes out the record – an idea I would like to see the band expand upon.

Bottom Line: Two years ago, we couldn't tell if Septa were just the sum of their influences or if they were building their own unique personality. With Sounds Like Murder, they answered the question for us; they are an interesting and creative force, one I am looking forward to hearing more from.

Track Listing: 01. 11th: Omen 02. Following 03. The Seducer 04. Sky Moves Faster 05. High Pitch Noise 06. Ropes 04:18 07. Red Code 08. Supercell 09. The Rats in the Walls 10. When There Is No Time 11. Means, Motive, and Opportunity 12. Narcosis 13. 13th: Aftermath