Crackling Dawn


review published: 6/12/2017


Crackling Dawn are a four-piece metal band from Portland, OR. Drawing from the more progressive end of metalcore and death metal, the group's debut release, Adrift, is a fourteen-minute track that shifts between styles and sounds.

Adrift comes out of the gate bouncing between melodic metalcore licks and blast beats before settling into a dual vocal led, mid-paced groove. Moving from screamed vocals to growled vocals and back again, Crackling Dawn weave their way through an array of heavy riffs and rhythm changes. As the song progresses, the group expands their sound, sprinkling in clean vocals, melodic interludes and sweeping guitar leads. At nearly the midpoint, the band breaks into a clean section, shifting the song from its brutal opening to a more varied closing section.

Impressive as the playing is, the band never stays with an idea long enough for it to fully develop. Consequently, Adrift comes off as a bit of a Frankenstein's monster: random pieces assembled to create a whole. There is almost too much thrown into the mix for its own good. Adrift may have been better served as multiple songs, as Crackling Dawn would have been able to expand and realize each section with a little more consistency.

Bottom Line: Crackling Dawn have a lot of good ideas and it would be nice to see them develop them a little bit more than they do on Adrift. With that said, their debut is still worthy of some attention.

Track Listing: 01. Adrift