Announce the Apocalypse


review published: 6/7/2017


Death metal infused thrash played with serious conviction is what you're going to get with the Ruins LP from Announce the Apocalypse. This offering is nine tracks of speedy and well-rehearsed metal. It's obvious from the opening moments that although this is a thrash album at heart, there's a strong death metal influence coursing through its veins.

Upon hitting play, I'm immediately reminded of Metallica and Slayer. Once in a sweet while you get a lick that sounds as if Metallica themselves wrote it. For fans of older school metal, this will be a treat and something that doesn't go unappreciated. The vocals are also a strange cross between harsh hardcore and thrash hollering (most of the time) so you make out the majority of what's being bellowed in your face.

Even the recording of the instruments, notably the drums, sounds very much like metal records from the late 80's and early 90's. Ruins is littered with awesome riffs and moments that let you indulge in the album's huge sounding recording, such as the last 30 seconds of "Cult Conspirator." There are also some really catchy moments on here (e.g. the end of "The Last Dose"). Moreover, these thrashers know how to end a song better than most bands. That might sound odd, but I get thoroughly annoyed when a band doesn't know when or how to stop.

Announce the Apocalypse are not short on talent, but they do need some work, especially in the lead guitar department. Sticking to an old school formula for death metal and thrash, this band utilizes a good quantity of solos, which is actually a pretty cool thing. The downside is that they aren't that great. They leave something to be desired in terms of quality and execution, then again, at least the promise of something better looms.

Improving upon the aforementioned weakness would greatly aid the band's sound and overall impact. It's rather demoralizing to be grooving along pretty hard to one of these songs only to have it all come crashing down as the result of a weak solo. I don't believe it's a lack of guitar prowess -- they just need more time and practice for the execution of these spotlight moments.

Bottom Line: Ruins is a pretty damn good listen but you really have to be in the mood for something in the realm of old school thrash and death metal. I am sure fans of Obituary or heavier thrash bands like Slayer would be drawn to this. Announce the Apocalypse may not be everyone's cup of tea but I think given additional time and a little bit of a budget, Ruins could have been worthy of release via a larger label. It's sure to get your blood pumping and will most likely have you banging your head along to at least a few tracks.

Track Listing: 01. Before The Fall 02. Open Assault 03. Cult Conspirator 04. Blacken The Rose 05. Buried In Rust 06. World's Throne 07. Misery 08. The Last Dose 09. Ruins