The Long Road Home

review published: 5/18/2017


Iapetus are a progressive melodic death metal band from Long Island, NY and their debut full length, The Long Road Home, is an impressive display of creativity and technicality calling upon the atmospheric and folk elements of such bands as Agalloch and Opeth.

After an introduction track, The Long Road Home truly begins with the instrumental, "…Of Hangmen & Vertebrae," showcasing Iapetus' skillful and creative songwriting abilities. The opener runs through melodic riffing and sweeping guitar leads while highlighting the talent of the musicians involved, yet barely scratches the surface of what the group has to offer.

As the album progresses, so does the band's overall sound. New instrumentation is added; acoustic guitars rise and fall as Iapetus progress through varying structures. Female vocals accompany the mellow breaks of "Saviour Solitude" and synths add depth to the triumphant sounding black metal riffs of "My Father, My God."

Instrumental interludes like "I Sing Of Satellites" and "Crown Of Stars" contribute to the album's cohesive nature, bridging the gaps between its longer songs.

The Long Road Home hits full speed on "Eviscerate Divine," a thirteen-minute epic that begins and ends with a Spanish folk guitar. In between, Iapetus wind their way through double kick driven progressive metal riffs, melodic metalcore grooves, and an upbeat clean guitar break.

The album closes out on its title track, another lengthy composition clocking in at just under sixteen minutes. With its complex structure and impressive musicianship, the track spirals through its heavier moments, accented by an orchestral string break and more acoustic guitar before closing on a classical piano line. It's the perfect blend of everything Iapetus is capable of.

Bottom Line: Iapetus are incredibly talented musicians and songwriters and The Long Road Home is an excellent album. I can't wait to hear more.

Track Listing: 01. Nomads 02. ...Of Hangmen & Vertebrae 03. Lachrymae Rerum 04. I Sing Of Satellites 05. Savior Solitude 06. My Father, My God 07. Crown Of Stars 08. Eviscerate Divine 09. The Long Road Home