review published: 4/8/2017


Dodecad are a three-piece from St. Louis, MO playing a style of sludgy noise rock. Growth, the group's second EP, is a collection of three songs that finds the band carving out their own niche while simultaneously wearing their influences on their sleeves.

"8" kicks off Growth with a chunky, overdriven bass line straight out of The Jesus Lizard's handbook. Over a bed of noisy guitar, the bass chugs along through the song's intro before opening up into a low-end heavy groove. Off-kilter rhythms and throaty screams abet the sludgy riffs as Dodecad build "8" to a crushing conclusion.

It's a combination of down-tuned sludge and 90's noise rock ala AmRep that works for the band. Complemented by a murky production, Growth sounds raw and intense. "9" sees the group delve into a faster paced boisterous sound, heavy on the dissonance. The chaotic front half of the track is rounded out by an Eyehategod style slow-crawling riff dragging "9" into even swampier waters, ultimately finishing up with the album's heaviest moments.

Closer "7" finds Dodecad experimenting with a quieter, albeit still heavy approach. Again led by the gritty bass, the track plods along at a slower pace, resembling a less frantic Botch. While staying true to the overall tone already established, "7" is perhaps Dodecad's most original sounding material, with more space and restraint on display. As the song continues, the noisy guitar rises to the forefront of the mix, bringing Growth to its heavy coda.

Bottom Line: It's pretty easy to identify Dodecad's influences on Growth – they don't particularly try to hide them - but by deftly blending them all, the band has managed to create an intriguing and enjoyable sound. Growth is an excellent effort, and one I am looking forward to enjoying many times over.

Track Listing: 01. 8 02. 9 03. 7