Throne of Saturn

Throne Of Saturn

review published: 1/8/2017


Throne Of Saturn are a five-piece stoner rock band from Providence, Rhode Island. On their debut EP, the group draws from the likes of Saint Vitus and The Obsessed, albeit with varied results.

The EP moves through its four songs at a lethargic pace, kicking off with the track "Beard Burner." With its grungy guitars and cleanly sung vocals, the song delivers on all the key elements, but never quite offers an attention grabbing moment. Just as the song begins to build momentum, Throne Of Saturn back off and "Beard Burner" finishes flat. "Cemetery Of Spent Hours" follows in the same vein. In fact, it sounds almost like a continuation of the opener. That is the EP's main issue. The songs all bear a striking resemblance to one other, nearly too strong to really differentiate them. This may be due in part to a thin sounding production. The guitars never sound big enough while the bass and drums hover in the background, too distant from the rest of the band.

The group's strongest track, "Intrepid Bastard" offers a slightly fresher take. The slow churning riffs are bigger and more engaging. Throne Of Saturn even work in a catchy, ascending Mastodon-esque riff rounding out the song nicely. It is their most tightly structured and well-written song.

Closer "Sludge Lord" offers a little bit more innovation from the EP's sleepy first half. The down-tuned groove pushes through a chunky beginning section before taking a complete turn. After an awkward stop and rhythm change, Throne Of Saturn run through an interesting mid-section with clean and distorted guitars playing well off each other. The vocalist even steps outside of his mid-range comfort zone for the first time as the track builds itself back up to the album's heavy conclusion.

Bottom Line: Throne Of Saturn have some strong riffs and good ideas, but a weak production and a sluggish start weigh their debut EP down. I would be interested to see if the band can build upon this record's the highlights and escape the monotony on future releases.

Track Listing: 01. Beard Burner 02. Cemetery of Spent Hours 03. Intrepid Bastard 04. Sludge Lord