The Lysine Contingency

Virtuous Sentiments

review published: 11/6/2016


The Lysine Contingency are a progressive metalcore band based out of Long Island, NY. Drawing from the likes of Between The Buried And Me, Misery Signals, and The Human Abstract, Virtuous Sentiments is an admirable debut full length, overflowing with intriguing song writing and skillful musicianship.

"Residual Echoes" kicks off the record, easily shifting between palm-muted grooves and melodic interludes, all while constantly building to its ultra heavy, moshable conclusion. Led by impressive guitar riffing, the band covers aural transitions well, while the vocalist draws from a variety of deliveries. Rotating between a low-pitched growl, a piercing scream and cleanly sung vocals, there's enough variety to avoid sounding repetitious (though the clean vocals do sometimes sound awkward).

Following a clean guitar intro, "Illusion of Prosperity" picks up where the opener left off. Moving through technical guitar licks and an off kilter breakdown, the song showcases the "progressive" nature of the group. Songs like "Counterfeit Impressions" -- with its impressive display of sweeping guitar leads -- and "Rejoice" -- featuring a serpentine song structure -- build upon that sound while "Residual Echoes" and "Overhead" come off as more straight-ahead bruisers.

Throughout Virtuous Sentiments, The Lysine Contingency seem comfortable exploring new territories in each track. For example, "Cycles of Irrelevance" features a melodic hardcore section complete with group vocals, while "Overhead" concludes with a slow burning groove. The album's closer, "Book Of Lies/Blade Of Truth," even ventures into technical death metal terrority, which works well sprinkled in with the band's proggy repertoire.

Bottom Line: The Lysine Contingency are creative and talented musicians with a knack for writing unconventional metalcore songs, and Virtuous Sentiments is an impressive debut.

Track Listing: 01. Residual Echoes 02. Illusions of Prosperity 03. Counterfeit Impressions 04. Cycles of Irrelevance 05. Renouncing Excess 06. Transcendent Clash 07. Overhead 08. Rejoice 09. Book of Lies/Blade of Truth