Below The Bottom

Justice Served

review published: 10/19/2016


Below The Bottom are a metallic hardcore band hailing from Greece. The group's second full-length record, Justice Served offers up a generous, albeit simple helping of moshable riffs and heavy grooves.

Below The Bottom come out swinging with "In Our Hearts," an intro track clocking in at just over one minute. Low guttural screams enter over a bed of heavy palm-muted riffs and an upbeat drum track that drops into a breakdown almost as quickly as it begins. It's relatively clear from the start that Justice Served is going to be a no frills hardcore record.

The band handles the beatdown territory well, never straying from crushing heaviness. "Proliferate" revolves around a riff that closely resembles Hatebreed's "Puritan," while tracks like "Constraint" and "Underserving" are straight up bruisers. Below The Bottom shift back and forth between upbeat and mid-tempo sections, keeping things pretty simple. Frankly, there are no real surprises to be found here - most tracks follow a basic formula, incorporating a heavy breakdown towards the end of the song.

Heavy sounding as it is, Justice Served could benefit from a less polished production. The crisp, sometimes stale sound of the record, particularly the drums and vocals, often lessens the blow of moments that should otherwise hit much harder.

Bottom Line: Below The Bottom are undeniably one-dimensional, but in the best way possible. They know what they do well and they stick to it. Fans of bands like Hatebreed and Terror would do fairly well to check this out.

Track Listing: 01. In Our Hearts 02. Proliferate 03. Undeserving 04. Inevitable Defeat 05. Severance 06. Constraint 07. UCHC 08. Seed of Corruption