Hollowed Out

New Blood, Old Wounds

review published: 7/12/2016


Hollowed Out are a relatively new beatdown hardcore band from Dallas, Texas and New Blood, Old Wounds is their debut record.

Hollowed Out jump right into the thick of it in the opening moments of "Modern Demons." Pounding double bass and low screamed vocals lead the band through a metallic hardcore riff. Gang vocals subsequently round out the track, setting the tone for the rest of the record – heavy.

Unfortunately, the band doesn't offer much more from there. "N.B.O.W." starts with nearly the exact same vocal cadence used in the opener, giving the impression that "Modern Demons" is really just an intro track. However, when it pops again later in songs like "Shadow's Bloom" and "Wish You Were Here," it looms as monotonous and uninspired.

Most of New Blood, Old Wounds sounds similar, with a recipe consisting mostly of double kick and heavy, yet simplistic riffing. "Asleep On The Battlefield" and "Shadow's Bloom" end in halftime breakdowns that feel like they should provide significantly more energy than they actually do.

Tracks like "Let's Start A War" and "The Swarm" attempt to relieve the repetition by speeding things up, but still aren't able to shake the issues that plague the rest of the record. Between the stagnant vocals and the sterile guitar playing, it's difficult to find a memorable moment.

Bottom Line: This record is solely for moshing purposes. Hollowed Out have the heavy part down, but have offered little else to separate themselves from the pack. Hopefully they can use New Blood, Old Wounds as a foundation to build upon.

Track Listing: 01. Modern Demons 02. N.B.O.W. 03. Let's Start a War 04. Asleep on the Battlefield 05. The Swarm 06. Shadows Bloom 07. Wish You Were Here 08. Level Three