Dead Hour Noise

Bad Things Are Going To Happen To Good People

review published: 6/23/2016


Dead Hour Noise are an extreme metal/hardcore band from Lansing, Michigan. Their newest record, Bad Things Are Going To Happen To Good People, is an impressive and creative display of genre bending hardcore, metal, and punk.

The first two tracks on Bad Things... fly by in a blaze of ultra fast, chaotic noise. Opener "Looming Sky" shifts between blast beats and mid tempo hardcore riffs with ease, while its follow up, the fifty-second "Performance Art Is Shit," delves into more brutal grindcore territory. It's clear from the get-go that Dead Hour Noise are willing to meander outside the confines of any one sub genre.

The next portion of the EP finds the band exploring slower, more melodic territory. "Gambler" cruises through a grinding intro only to end on a pounding death metal style riff. Impressively, Dead Hour Noise are as effective slowed down as they are sped up. The following track, "Guerra" is probably the most accessible cut on the record. It makes its way through a chunky palm-muted section before opening up into a half-time melodic riff.

Instrumental track "Seth's Baby" works well as a respite from the mayhem. Building upon a simplistic heavy riff, the band moves through the track, absent of the black metal-esque style screams.

Dead Hour Noise get back to it with "Wood Chipper Abortion," recalling the beginning of the record with its cacophonous approach and grinding blast beats, but it is "Dead Dreamer" and "Danger Dance" that are the EP's standout tracks. Clocking in at just under five minutes, "Dead Dreamer" is by far the longest song on Bad Things.... Within this expanse, the band are able to experiment a bit more. Drawing from everything including black metal, hardcore and grind, the creative song-writing of Dead Hour Noise is on full display at the conclusion of the record.

Bottom Line: Dead Hour Noise are talented musicians and creative songwriters; Bad Things Are Going To Happen To Good People is an excellent testament to those skills and a must-listen for those who appreciate heavy music.

Track Listing: 01. The Looming Sky 02. Performance Art is Shit 03. Gambler 04. Guerra 05. Seth's Baby 06. Wood Chipper Abortion 07. Dead Dreamer 08. Danger Dance