review published: 6/21/2016


The next installment of our unsigned bands series finds us entering uncharted territory. European act Steinrøys isn't metal or hardcore - in fact, they don't nicely fit within any genre at all. The band's debut album, Circles, resides somewhere between Faith No More's wacky arena rock and Buckcherry's radio friendly pop.

Circles gets to the weird with no time wasted. "The Trick I Missed" kicks things off with a pretty standard, yet impressively catchy modern rock radio hook, but takes a detour mid track into a jazzy, horn and piano based break that seemingly comes from nowhere. The horn arrangement in the "Miss Fortune" intro actually sounds like something straight off a Phil Collins record, while the rest of the song plays out like an odd Orgy composition.

Tracks like "Circles" and "Hold Me Down" are pretty straightforward rock tracks - well written, if not overly produced. You cannot deny the band's ability to write a catchy chorus, although it does often come across as sounding vaguely something familiar.

The acoustic based "Slow Finger" and "H.C.T.F." are the weakest songs on the album, meandering through dull, emotionless arrangements, while album closer "Follow Me" seems to lose itself in an uninspired nu-metal riff.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what Steinrøys is going for; perhaps it's all lost on me. There is clearly a lot of talent here and the record's production is fine, but the arrangements don't always seem to gel appropriately.

Bottom Line: Some of the material on Steinrøys' Circles is rather impressive (e.g. the horn arrangements throughout) and I could totally see the band gaining some traction amidst the modern rock radio crowd, but there's a bit too much filler here to make a real impact.

Track Listing: 01. The Trick I Missed 02. Miss Fortune 03. Circles 04. Track 4 05. Slow Finger 06. Hold Me Down 07. Breaking Shells 08. Track 8 09. H.C.T.F 10. There's No Time 11. Follow Me