My Kingdom

Keep Me In Your Memory

review published: 6/15/2016


My Kingdom are a melodic hardcore/metalcore band from Long Island, NY. Their latest release, Keep Me In Your Memory, is a short three-song EP displaying the band's skillful songwriting.

"Twelve Years" opens the record with a mellow arpeggiated guitar line accompanied by a pleasant lead before the full band bursts in. Alternating between a clean guitar section and up-beat riffing, the track culminates in a breakdown that actually offers more than just your standard one-note mosh. It's little moments like this throughout the EP that make My Kingdom stand out from the pack.

"My Own Design" is a little heavier and more up-tempo than the opener. It follows a similar structure, with a heavy breakdown towards the end of the song, but the guitar leads are more prominent throughout the rest of the track. The melodic licks add a contrast to the harsh yelled vocals that works well with the less heavy metalcore style My Kingdom are going for.

The EP closes with the record's heaviest track, "The Only Way." After a bout of frenetic hardcore riffing, My Kingdom return to a similar clean guitar section found in the opener. The screamed vocals lead the group back into an anthemic chorus. The ensuing breakdown isn't unexpected, but it's not unwelcome either. My Kingdom know what they do well and stick to it.

Bottom Line: The songs on Keep Me In Your Memory follow a formula, but never come across as boring. Each track carves out its own little niche, separating itself from the rest while staying true to what the band does. My Kingdom's melodic style isn't groundbreaking, but it's played with skill and conviction. Keep Me In Your Memory is a collection of well-written and competently performed songs that deserves a few spins by any fans of the genre.

Track Listing: 01. Twelve Years 02. My Own Design 03. The Only Way

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