review published: 4/27/2016


The latest installment of our unsigned band reviews comes by way of Garotte, a South Carolina based death metal band. Quietus is the band's debut EP.

Drawing influence from the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder and Suffocation, Garotte offer a brand of extremely approachable melodic death metal. Quietus finds the band weaving its way through well-constructed songs with flair (see the thrashy solo in "Transmigrate") while not being overly complex or excessively technical.

Intro track "Commencement" sticks to the basics with its oddly timed chunky riff and an impressive display of double bass drumming. The instrumental intro segues right into "First Born" where we are met with screamed vocals somewhere between Carcass and later era Death. The track proceeds through an array of melodic and heavy riffs, held together by the skillful drumming. The vocals shift between the aforementioned higher pitched screams and a lower death metal growl. Utilizing the multiple vocal styles definitely aids Garotte in keeping the sound fresh from section to section. "First Born" ends on a heavy, half-time breakdown.

"Transmigrate" and "Quietus" continue in a similar vein to the opener, with plenty of blast beats and impressive guitar work. Garotte manage to be extremely heavy and extremely melodic all at the same time, a skill that makes the music rather accessible (for death metal).

The band tends to be at their best moving through the faster moments, allowing the guitars and the drums to manifest a little more style. Conversely, "Mortification Of The Flesh" is a track that moves at an atypically slower pace. Here Garotte begin to drag a bit, getting a little lost in the murkiness of the track.

Nothing on the record is as seemingly flashy as say Necrophagist, but Garotte is able to craft a well written song and utilize their strengths (particularly the percussion) well enough to engage the listener.

Bottom Line: Though Garotte may lack the technicality of many similarly styled bands, Quietus is undoubtedly a promising debut effort and worthy of your attention.

Track Listing: 01. Commencement 02. First Born 03. Transmigrate 04. Mortification of The Flesh 05. ...And All The Darkness Looked Alive 06. Quietus 07. The Bleeding Heart

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