The Luminary

Collective Unconscious

review published: 11/1/2015


The Luminary are a four-piece progressive metalcore band from Ontario, Canada and Collective Unconscious is their debut effort.

The Luminary separates Collective Unconscious into two distinct sections. The first half (consisting of tracks "Reclaim, Reform" and "Bitter") is focused on super heavy blistering technical metalcore while the second ("Awake" and "Invariance") shows a much more melodic side to the band.

Drawing from the likes of Volumes, "Reclaim, Reform" stays mainly in the djent realm. Off rhythm staccato riffs blend with bouncy Meshuggah-like bends. Harshly screamed vocals lead the way, overdubbed to add more texture. The song moves smoothly between sections but never ventures beyond the typical djent formula. The Luminary never really strays too far from this ground early on, with "Bitter" following suit. The track offers another onslaught of chunky riffing before reaching a melodic middle section. A nice guitar solo follows a bout of clean singing before the track ends on a downtuned discordant breakdown.

After a short interlude, "Awake" begins more melodically, with an atmospheric sounding guitar lead. Here, the screamed vocals are exchanged for a more decipherable, yelled approach. It's a pleasant addition to the band's repertoire, adding more depth to their overall sound. They bounce back and forth between the opening section and heavier frenetic riffing before a clean guitar track sweeps in. Another slick guitar solo leads us back into the main atmospheric lead to end the track.

Closer "Invariance" draws upon all aspects of the band's overall sound. Beginning with the heaviest riff of the album, The Luminary weave their way through a melodic section before returning back to the jumpy technical sound.

Like many of the bands of this style we've reviewed, it's clear that the members of The Luminary are talented musicians. They also have a skilled approach to song writing, but, much like those other bands, they have a tendency to fall into too many of the genre's trends. The glitchy opening of "Bitter," the programmed drum beats, and the trite breakdown intro track; all of these things were completely unnecessary.

Bottom Line: The Luminary have put together a well crafted djent album. Collective Unconscious falters from time to time, but saves itself more often than not.

Track Listing: 01. Sorry 02. Reclaim, Reform 03. Bitter 04. Asleep 05. Awake 06. Invariance