The Savagery Of Time

review published: 6/1/2015


Braebrook are a five-piece metalcore/deathcore band from Montreal, Quebec. The Savagery Of Time is their debut EP.

After an instrumental intro, things kick off with "Eternity." The opening song is an exercise in all things metalcore. It has its fill of breakdowns, pig squeals, and bouncy riffs. The most intriguing moment comes approximately 60 seconds in when the guitars drop out. Led by a hammering rhythm section, Braebrook weave their way through an atmospheric sounding melodic mid section accompanied by a nice, simple lead guitar line. It is a nice complement to the heavier arrangements surrounding it.

Unfortunately, we never hear the band attempt anything similar again, which is a shame because they pull it off rather well.

"False Importance" features some interesting odd rhythms, but its overall execution leaves much to be desired. It jumps from part to part often rather abruptly and in a forced manner, relying too heavily on its mid-song breakdown.

Right in the middle of the EP sits "Slander," the strongest track on The Savagery Of Time. It still adheres to the typical metalcore clich├ęs but features the strongest riffs and arrangement of the group.

The second half of the record doesn't offer much reprieve from the claustrophobic nature of Braebrook's song writing. They are either unable or unwilling to break free from sounding like a monotonous staccato click. Closer "Unbalanced" (there is an outro track that follows) is a little tighter in its structure, flowing nicely between sections, but unfortunately never offers anything that we haven't already heard from Braebrook.

Bottom Line: The Savagery Of Time of time passes with hardly a memorable moment. Braebrook are capable musicians that seem bogged down in the idea of adhering to a certain genre.

Track Listing: 01. Lineage 02. Eternity 03. False Importance 04. Slander 05. Mariana 06. Unbalanced 07. Fathom