Kill The King

review published: 5/11/2015


Mindscar are a three piece death metal band out of Orlando, FL. Kill The King is an exciting debut LP – technical and progressive in nature, yet still immediately approachable.

"Asmodeus" kicks off the album in brutal fashion. Bringing to mind Arsis' epic "A Diamond For Disease," The song is a well-constructed arrangement of blistering guitar riffs, frenetic blast beats and a catchy chorus. The mostly instrumental second half of the track is an impressive display of the talent and proficiency.

Tracks like "Kill The King" and "Beneath Broken Bones" follow the opener's example, boasting clever structures and impressive performances. "Kill The King," perhaps the best song of the record, snakes through a series of tempo changes from the heavier grindcore sections to the more melodic guitar leads.

Leaving no stone unturned, "Descending Straight To Hell" begins with an acoustic guitar track. The most melodic song on Kill The King, it shows that Mindscar have the ability to slow things down as well. After a short interlude, a thrashy guitar solo takes over, leading us to its ultra-heavy conclusion.

Impressive as it is, Kill The King is not without faults. The cleanly sung chorus on "Ashes Made Of Heaven" seems as out of place and forced as the breakdown that follows it. Some of the guitar leads (e.g. "God's Creation," "The Irreversible") come off as overly self-indulgent and lacking any real direction. Fortunately, any issues found on this record are easily outweighed by the good.

It should be noted that Kill The King features a guest spot by Matt Heafy of Trivium notoriety, who was apparently once a member of an earlier incarnation of the band. However, his appearance is of little consequence as Mindscar are more than capable of grabbing any listener's attention on their own.

The album concludes with a cover of the Nine Inch Nails track "Mr. Self Destruct," an interesting selection for a death metal band. Mindscar pull it off well, staying fairly true to the original while still making it their own. Substituting the grungy distorted guitar tone for their own ultra clean sound, it's a fun way to close the record.

Bottom Line: Kill The King is about as impressive a debut as one could have. Mindscar have a real ability to craft exciting and interesting technical metal songs without coming off as long-winded. Look for them to make waves in the death metal scene.

Track Listing: 01. Asmodeus 02. The Irreversible 03. Kill The King 04. God's Creation 05. DeathMask 06. Descending Straight To Hell 07. Ashes Made Of Heaven 08. Beneath All The Broken Bones 09. Forever Consumes You 10. Insatiate 01:46 11. Mr Self Destruct (Nine Inch Nails cover)