Guaranteed Album Review

Do you REALLY want Lambgoat to review your release?

Lambgoat receives dozens of submissions per week from independent bands with no label backing. Most submissions consist of something like, "Hey, we're [insert band name here] from [insert location] and we just put out a new release. We'd love for you to review it! You can download it here - [insert download link]. Thanks so much!"

We read these messages then invariably file them away, with no further action taken. Why, you ask? We only have a few reviewers, and their time is extremely limited. We pay them a small amount and in return get roughly 1-2 reviews returned to us per week. Of course, our budget for writing assignments is small, so when we do pay people, we ask them to review established bands. As such, unsigned and/or unknown bands get no review coverage on Lambgoat. Bummer.

We've been pondering ways to combat the situation, and rather than try to recruit reviewers who will write for free (which results in inconsistency and dubious quality), we've decided to review these releases in-house. But our time is limited too, so to prevent too many bands from requesting reviews, we will be charging $30 for a review. Please note: we will not review singles. We will only review EPs or full-lengths. And this is first come, first serve.

If you pay $30, you are guaranteed an album review in a timely fashion. The review will be honest (i.e. not necessarily positive) and thorough (NOT a three-sentence review). A listing for the review will appear on our homepage for several days, and we will link to each review via our official Twitter account. I will often highlight these via our Facebook as well.

Use the form below for a guaranteed album review. After payment is made, we will get back to you either the same day or next day with details. We will also be asking you how to obtain your release, so please be prepared to provide a download link.

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