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anonymous 184 days ago

Yeah, except Earth Crisis is still edge and vegan. Abnegation literally became meth heads. GTFOH sell out losers. People STILL give a F*ck about how Other People choose to live their own lives? Typical New Jack tardcore mentality. If a band STILL to the day practices what they've preached throughout the tenure of their existence-Congratulations on the longevity. To back up your words.- "hats off to bands that change, good luck go your own way. Why play for us, if your heart's not in it?" sometimes bands reunite because their is a chemistry that was refound within the gatherings (practices.) Also,revival NEVER goes out of Style, Paul Novachinski(the guitarist) went off and played in Creation is Crucifixion-he did NOT become a "Meth Head." F00L.