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anonymous 200 days ago

"Playing 400 sell to venues is the way to go. You can DIY with a contract rider your lawyer draws up, no booking agent or promoter needed. Easy to secure & sell out. 400 sell to x $30 = 12K gross - 3.6 venue's 30% = 8.4K one artist by 3 to 5 members = 1.68K, 2.1K, or 2.8K per member per show plus merchandise sales If 2.1K plus merch sales that's a month's rent or mortgage a show thus a year's rent or mortage in only two weeks if you play 12 shows in 14 days. Again this is if it was your band playing for two hours." You've never budgeted for a real band in your life. Completely f*cking clueless about the business of touring