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anonymous 214 days ago

Again, another band and their team being factitious by saying "with" Zulu. Zulu is clearly support and if these shows sell out, the public needs to know that Speed did not do it alone and it was with the extra padding of an opening band. LOL @ how traumatized you are over what was said in the Turnstile & Drug Church comments so much you're carrying them into these comments for stupid third rate Madball wannabe Speed. Is there anyone whose ass you don't kiss? I love how you are so bent out of shape over people calling out bands for trying to make themselves bigger than they are. You have such a hangup over these callouts you actually prove the point including show what a pathetic asslicker you are, as if Turnstile, Drug Church & Speed will ever read your stupid posts. Get some new material. You did this last year with Terror. You say something dumb probably just to troll then post as someone mocking your dumb shit. We all know it so get lost.