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anonymous 232 days ago

Society doesn't need more Hi Vis hc merch and carhartt gear at shows... we need more people who are required to wear hi vis at their day jobs. stop the working class LARPing -Joe hardcore >>> He is such an embarassment. You know what society more specifically hardcore doesn't need? His played out fest & shows which only exist because bands who were around before 2000 still exist today. He would be lost if he had to book This Is Hardcore Fest & shows in general with no reunions & nothing but bands who formed from 2010 on save Turnstile who would artificially inflate the fest draw. Push it back to 2000 on & he'd still be lost. Terror & Death Before Dishonor...and then who? He's whining about people dressing like construction workers yet I don't think he's helped a single local kid/person get into a labor union.