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anonymous 244 days ago

For those who don't know the allusion to Jordan Jenkins he is the 5 foot 5, 5 foot 6 tops vocalist for Momentum who gets shows entirely on being down with whoever but draw di ck like their pals Section H8. He also carries a gun (or so he says) cuz he can't fight without one i.e. he's a pussy with a severe Napoleon Complex. Some racist & transphobe showed up to Gel's. Show in Columbus Ohio, broke their van mirror & ran off like the fat coward he is. Jordan & his pals accused Gel of calling the cops thus being cop callers & Gel denied it. Their van or a rented one they'd rather eat the cost of the damage than file a police report only to get insurance to reimburse them the cost or have the rental policy cover the cost. So basically Jordo & Pals and Gel don't live in the adult world & are both idiots. Jordo thinks calling the cops to get insurance/rental policy coverage thus avoid paying for damage out of pocket is bad. He is an adult child.