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anonymous 235 days ago

I don't wish him any ill will and certainly not death. I hope he makes a full and complete recovery, and can quickly get back to doing all the things he loves in his life. But it is pathetic that everyone feels the need to beg others to help them out in life in 2023. Why bother having health insurance if you need others to pay the deductibles/co-pays/etc? And #sorrynotsorry but I'm not paying your living expenses. The money to pay for your treatment isn't good enough, so you also need free rent, utilities, food, fuel, and car payments. Anything else we can get you while we're at it? Daily trip to the nearest Asian Massage Parlor for a rub n' tug? Weekly outcall escort service? Beggers can't be choosers. Actually, I changed my mind. f*ck this guy. Save the whales instead.