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anonymous 237 days ago

WOW some of the comments are the reason most people hate metal heads still, people need help, not everyone has mommy and daddy to back us like the 13 year old's acting cool on lambgoat dissing a dude who got cancer (that is not his fault). You people are so dumb its almost fascinating. its like the retards who don't wanna have any govt assistance for anyone and say shit like get a job lol shut the f*ck up ive needed help and had 3 jobs at one time before shit happens life happens have some f*cking empathy or even a tiny bit of kindness not like dude is kickstarting a tv show or went to jail and needs money now kind of hard to work if you have cancer lol hes sick you retards, yeah don't help anyone with govt assistance let them keep it than what happens is we have even more homeless, more disease, more crime, more suicide, more problems some of these peoples logic is all flawed because you are a bad person karma never fails though so good luck when you need help and no one is there