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anonymous 206 days ago

Trump inherited a thriving economy. Please cite which specific economic metric made it "the best economy ever". Our economy under the Clinton administration was far superior. As far as a wannabe authoritarian here's why he's a piece of shit. Stay with me now cause this is gonna shock you if you haven't been paying attention. Trump attempted to retain power and remain president after he lost the election. He pressured officials in Georgia to find him enough votes to overturn the election in his favor in that state and there's audio. He continuously lied about election fraud and whipped up his brain dead para-militia supporters into a frenzy in an attempt to stop the electoral certification on Jan 6th. He tried to have his VP throw out the entire electoral process. He broke his constitutional oath of office because he's a sociopath with a tiny prick. f*ck that guy and every single dirtbag who still supports him.