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anonymous 231 days ago

Weird how there's never any police involved, not even a report, it's just some unverified bullshit on FB. >> Weird how bands drop off shows, fests & tours & break up over it, they're such bullshit accusations you idiot LOL. << Weird how every time any sort of authorities get involved (Oberst, Decapitated, Radke, Sykes, Even Manson) it totally falls apart.>> So let's find this girl & see if she'll press charges. << Weird that's how all these moral panics go. It's almost like people lie all the time about everything and social media shouldn't be used as a courtroom. >> Weird how you automatically assume accusations are bullshit. It's almost as if if you're a dickrider with no skin in the game. <<You left it to the court of public opinion, and you lost, because it was bullshit when it started. Die mad that you couldn't ruin somebodies life without a trial, you f*cking hall monitor nerd.>> Keep crying over the truth, nerd, we can take this off Lambgoat if you want.