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anonymous 140 days ago

people are f*cking ridiculous and elitist about heavier bands using clean vocals. it's insane to me, the riffs and chord progressions in this song are so dense and atmospheric. really amazing stuff that i wasn't expecting from them. honestly reminds me of songs like the end of flesh and the darkest day of man. i think the clean vocals work super well in this context. they're constantly exploring how they can express themselves through music and i feel like it shows on this song. you don't have to like it, but claiming that they're selling out or being disingenuous somehow is ridiculous. like i'm not a fan of veil of maya's switch in style for the most part, but i can still respect that they're growing into the musicians that they want to be and having fun with it. that's not to say don't criticize, but a lot of these comments about their style change are in bad faith.