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anonymous 144 days ago

Let me tell you, back in my day down on the farm, we'd bind up bales of hay real close and tight together. You know, make sure the weevils don't get 'em. It's real important you never get weevils in your hay. After all, the cows eat the hay and what happens when you get cows eating weevils? Well, you get weevil milk there, son. And I think most people can agree that out of all the milks out there, milk made from weevils is definitely low on the totem pole of things you want to be consuming. It's bitter and any time you make cheese from it, it comes out flat. No, I'm not talking about some kind of musical note there. I'm talking about the actual cheese dimensions. Why, you always want to make sure your cheese has a nice mass, center of gravity but has that natural texture to it. Heck, pretty soon, you'll be able to get cheese as smooth as a slab of sheet metal but me? Why, us good old southern boys prefer our cheese the way we do our women - with a fine curvature and built like a brick.