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#6 Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die & The Damned Things

Thursday, May 9, 2019 1:23 AM PT
Lambgoat Presents: The Vanflip Podcast Episode #006 Recorded May 4th, 2019 in Jacksonville, FL. Keith Buckley is the vocalist for Every Time I Die in addition to The Damned Things, featuring members of Fall Out Boy, Anthrax, and Alkaline Trio. Keith is also a published writer and Twitch streamer in his downtime. 00:34 - ETID playing in Mexico, flight delays, and traveling to Rockville (The Damned Things) 02:00 - Playing Mexico & seeing Vince Neil play 05:48 - Streaming/Gaming on Twitch 08:20 - "Soulpatch" (Keith's 90's Cover band) 09:27 - First album in 9 years and differences between the two (The Damned Things) 11:23 - How were The Damned Things formed/How did you become the singer? 12:49 - Why a 9-year gap between albums? (The Damned Things) 15:59 - Who writes the music for The Damned Thing? Differences between ETID & TDT lyrics? 17:30 - Keith's writing side gig(s), interviewing Danny McBride, and Keith's two books. 21:40 - How did you guys choose He Is Legend to tour with TDT this tour? 23:34 - Andy's wrestling career? 25:02 - Seeing Fred Durst in Mexico 26:25 - Favorite Deftones album & recording with Nick Raskulinecz. 28:40 - Creative process and writing for ETID 31:27 - Allergic to alcohol, taking a break from drinking, and being sober around drunks 34:29 - Strange that you've made a career and are still relevant in the hardcore scene 20 years later? 36:12 - Favorite ETID album? 37:50 - Who/What is the song "The New Black" (ETID) about? 39:15 - Any musical talent outside singing? 40:04 - What is it like being in a band with everyone else being a millionaire? (The Damned Things) 42:42 - Bad Habits? Smoking... Weed? 44:40 - What are you looking forward to in your career? Wanting a song in a Marvel Movie. 45:56 - Favorite soundtrack? For more about Keith, Every Time I Die, & The Damned Things: @deathoftheparty (Twitter) @keithbvckley (Instagram) @everytimeidie @thedamnedthings http://www.everytimeidie.net
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