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#122 Alex Varkatzas of Dead Icarus / Ex-Atreyu

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 10:16 PM PT

In episode #122 of Lambgoat's Vanflip Podcast, Alex Varkatzas, the former frontman of Atreyu, delved into his new musical endeavor, Dead Icarus, and reflected on his journey both personally and professionally. In talking with Lurk, Varkatzas opened up about his transition from Atreyu, the challenges he faced with that, and his renewed enthusiasm for art, music, and life in general.

The Emergence of Dead Icarus:
Alex detailed the genesis of the new project, and talked about its heavier metalcore roots. He described the project as a return to what his original work was meant to sound like, with a new twist. The name 'Dead Icarus' itself symbolizes his personal experiences, akin to the Greek myth of Icarus who flew too close to the sun. Alex sees this as a metaphor for reaching out for what one shouldn't and learning from the consequences.

Collaborations and Musical Direction:
Discussing his collaboration with guitarist Gabe Mangold (Enterprise Earth) and drummer Brandon Saller, Varkatzas wanted to emphasize their unique styles and additions to the sound of Dead Icarus. He was definitely excitement about the full-length album in the works, talking about new songs that stand alone from their previous releases. Varkatzas also touched on his goal to blend styles, influenced by bands like Pantera and SEUR, to create music that's both emotionally heavy and energetic.

Reflecting on Atreyu and Personal Growth:
Alex candidly discussed his time with Atreyu, acknowledging the band's evolution and his role in it. He admitted that there were moments of conflict and hesitance with the band's changing directions, particularly between Death Grip and Lead Sails. He also opened up a bit about his mental health, the impact of his departure from Atreyu, and how becoming a father changed his perspective and priorities.

Artistic Pursuits and Future Plans:
Besides music, Varkatzas talked to us about his passion for painting and making art. He talked a bit about how art complements his musical creativity. Looking ahead, he mentioned he's excited about touring with Dead Icarus and finally sharing their new music live.

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