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#121 Simon Duson of Carnation

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 9:00 PM PT

In the 121st episode of Lambgoat's Vanflip Podcast, Lurk chats with Simon Duson, the frontman of the Belgian death metal band Carnation. They delve into various topics, giving listeners an in-depth view of Carnation’s journey, their music, and the metal scene at large.

Carnation’s Evolution and Album Release Strategy:
Simon discusses Carnation's recent album Cursed Morality, their third release under Season of Mist. The band adopted a unique approach for this album, releasing numerous singles to maintain audience interest and adapt to changing music consumption patterns. This strategy differed from their previous two albums, where they released fewer singles. The new album includes diverse elements, aiming to appeal to a wider audience.

Songwriting and Recording Processes:
Despite introducing new elements in their music, Carnation remains committed to the album format, particularly important in the metal genre. The band records in their bassist's studio, allowing flexibility and creative freedom. Mastering is outsourced to bring fresh ears to the final mix, with the latest album mastered in Milwaukee by Joel.

Live Performances and Visual Aspects:
Simon emphasizes the importance of live performances for Carnation, considering it one of their strengths. He also touches on the use of face paint in shows, a reflection of their appreciation for visual elements in performances, inspired by bands like King Diamond.

International Tours and Visa Challenges:
Carnation’s aspiration to tour in the U.S. faces the challenge of complex and costly visa processes. Simon provides insight into the intricacies of arranging international tours, particularly to the U.S., including the financial and logistical hurdles.

Influences and Inspirations:
The band draws inspiration from a range of sources, both within and outside of music. Albums like Iron Maiden's Somewhere Back in Time influenced their lead guitar work. Simon personally enjoys doom metal bands like Pallbearer and Khemmis. Lyrically, the latest album diverges from their earlier work, focusing more on relatable, real-life themes.

Balancing Music with Daily Life:
All Carnation members juggle day jobs alongside their music careers. Simon works for the Belgian government in the cultural department, handling arts-related projects. This dual responsibility shapes their approach to music and life.

Future Plans and Conclusion:
Looking forward, Carnation aims to broaden their reach, with hopes of touring in the U.S. and continuing their growth in the European metal scene. The podcast ends with a discussion about a contest to give away Carnation merchandise, highlighting the band's engagement with their fanbase.

This in-depth conversation with Simon Duson offers a multifaceted look into Carnation's artistic process, their adaptation to the evolving music industry, and their aspirations for the future.




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