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The Locust robbed in St. Louis

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 1:54 PM PT

The Locust were the victims of theft following a show in St. Louis on Sunday, November 25th. Here's the official word from record label Three One G:

"After a show in St. Louis their van was broken into. The thieves stole a large amount of personal possessions, including three computers, phone chargers, money, and anything else you might think of. As if being a musician did not already have enough hardships, not only was this an invasion of privacy, but many of the items stolen are irreplaceable due to financial and other reasons. As a band The Locust have given to the world what can never be repaid, and it is terrible that they have to be faced with this dilemma. Not only did they suffer a loss of personal items, but some things were key to their professional and financial means of living."

Three One G is collecting donations for the band. Anyone willing to contribute can do so here.

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