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Sawtooth Grin recruits The Number 12 drummer

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 1:49 PM PT

Roughly five years after breaking up, New York's The Sawtooth Grin recently reformed and has been writing a new album. Additionally, the band has added former The Number Twelve Looks Like You drummer Jon Karel to their line-up. Here's the official word:

"We'd like to take a second to officially announce that after a long hiatus, The Sawtooth Grin is back in action. Its been about 5 yrs, but we've effectively regrouped, re-focused, and re-committed to creating music. Back from the original line-up are Jay Springman on guitar, and Rich Lombardi on vocals. We're proud also to be working with our new drummer, Jon Karel, formerly of The Number Twelve Looks Like You, and our new bassist Kevin Lowney. We are currently writing a new record, which we are extremely proud of so far, and which we literally can't wait for you guys to hear. So we are going to be posting clips and videos tracking the progress. All we can say is that everyone's in big trouble... We hope to release it sometime in the summer, at which time you'll probably start to see us doing some touring."

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