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No Sleep Recs, Trustkill announce distro deal

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 3:44 PM PT

Official press release:

Furthering its mandate to develop and nurture up and coming artists, Trustkill Entertainment has entered into an agreement with No Sleep Records. The announcement was made today by Josh Grabelle, President of Trustkill, and Chris Hansen, owner of No Sleep Records.

The tireless rising label No Sleep Records has signed a worldwide distribution deal with Trustkill Entertainment. The labels' bands and releases will be marketed and distributed by Trustkill's global network of executive and marketing/distribution partners in the physical, digital and mobile landscape.

"Having known Josh and everyone at Trustkill and having worked for Trustkill, I only see good coming from this. I think it will help not only me but all my artists get more fans and allow people to get their music easier and more world wide. After only 3 years and seeing how fast everything has grown this was the logical next step for No Sleep to continue to grow and to continue to be able to release good, and honest music" stated Chris Hansen.

"Trustkill is committed to developing and nurturing artists and is always seeking opportunities to partner with labels and companies to bring new music to the forefront of the scene and marketplace. As No Sleep continues to expand and develop in the underground scene, this partnership with Trustkill will provide them with more flexibility on how they distribute their music, while providing fans much easier access to a broad variety of content from the artists they are passionate about", stated Josh Grabelle.

Look for No Sleep to release exciting music from brand new artists including Frontier(s) (Chris Higdon of Elliott fame), Monument to Thieves (featuring ex-members of Trustkill alum Eighteen Visions), Double Vision, La Dispute, and the highly anticipated second full-length from The Wonder Years.

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