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Liferuiner attacked in Ohio

Friday, September 04, 2009 9:57 PM PT

Liferuiner, clearly no strangers to drama, were the targets of some troublemakers following a show at Jazz Central in Dayton, OH this week. Ultimately, the melee resulted in a few minor injuries. Here's a statement from the band:

"Before anyone gets the wrong impression, and runs their mouth to Lambgoat who obviously does not give a shit about anything concerning this band, here's what really happened in Dayton, Ohio on Wednesday night...

"We showed up at Jazz Central, the only people who were there were our friends in The Gun Show, the promoter and someone working with him, and 2 girls that we know from the columbus area. The opening band Did you mean, Australia shows up, and in the time it took them to play their set some other kids had arrived. During our set 2 or 3 of these kids, one wearing a ski mask started dancing like assholes, throwing chairs, being overly disrespectful which is something none of us are down with, so we already anticipated there being a problem later on. Once our set was finished I ran outside to check and make sure no damage was done to our vehicles. There was a group of 12-13 kids outside by their cars yelling shit about us being faggots or whatever so I ran back inside to make sure everyone was aware, in the time it took me to go inside and back out, Kevin got in a scuffle with one of the kids, and had him on the ground, he was pulled off by security and then all hell broke loose. We were completely outnumbered so while trying to square up with 1 kid at a time we had to worry about multiple kids 'jumping' us from behind. Our guitar player Dave was knocked to the ground and kicked in the head, so he's got a few small cuts and some bruising around his left eye. Our tour manager Billy got hit in the head with a maglite and had to get 6 stitches which is why our band had to go to the hospital that night. Myself, Kevin and the others are all fine despite the show these kids put on. I was hit by a car, struck in the back with a baseball bat, as well as Kevin being hit moments earlier.

"The whole thing ended with these kids trying to get in their cars as fast as possible and drive off in that smashed up Monte Carlo. An old school dude showed up and confirmed the list of names we were given as the kids who did it, he was mad cool, and explained how these kids have no affiliation with courage crew so please save yourself that drama.

"After about an hour, the cops showed up and said that 2 girls had been screaming about it at a gas station so they came, asked us if it was a problem with 'straight edge' lol, took our pictures and left.

"At the end of the day this is all we have to say about it, if you have 10 more people than us, and an assortment of weapons, don't fucking run... Be a fucking man and fight for what you wanted. We've never showed up trying to start fights, or provoke them, we respect all venues, promoters, and opening bands, but we are not going to run, ever, which is why that kid posted about it on twitter later on that night saying he was realizing how lucky he is or some stupid shit. We are not going to avoid Ohio on future tours, we are not going to run our mouths at upcoming shows or on message boards, we are not going to cry about this because were all super hurt. This is the truth, this is what happened to us, and it is what it is. Props to those kids for having the balls to even try, because most people only talk about it."

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