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The Cancer Conspiracy guitarist injured

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 4:36 PM PT

Mike Poorman of Strangeways Recordings has issued the following regarding The Cancer Conspiracy guitarist Daryl Rabidoux:

This past week my best friend, and partner here at Strangeways, Daryl Rabidoux, was involved in a serious car accident that has left him in the hospital with a list of serious injuries. Daryl sustained two punctured lungs, many broken ribs, a torn liver, a fractured sternum, and head trauma from the accident. Daryl was released from the ICU Saturday and is still in the regular ward at RI Hospital while he is healing. One of the most tragic parts of the accident is that Daryl does not have any health insurance. When all is said and done his hospital stay will total near two weeks. That is a serious expense for anyone, with or without insurance, but even more so without.

I have set up a Paypal account so that people can donate money to help aid Daryl in paying his medical expenses. If Daryl has touched your life through his music with the Cancer Conspiracy, through his friendship (it is unparalleled), or just in passing as an all around good guy, please donate even a few dollars to help him out. The world wouldn't be the same without this guy, he is one of the best people out there.

Thanks a lot for reading this and taking the time to care. The "Donation" button for the Paypal fund is on the front page of the Strangeways Myspace account. I have also set it up so that you can send Daryl a note as well if you want to say hello to him while he's getting better in the hospital. Take care everyone.

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