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The Human Abstract announces new members

Monday, February 4, 2008 12:42 PM PT

The Human Abstract has announced the departure of guitarist A.J. Minette as a result of artistic differences. Minette has been replaced by Andrew Tapley. Meanwhile, the band has also added keyboard player Sean Leonard to their roster. Here's the official word from singer Nathan Ells:

"I want to say all of this in the most honest and unbiased way possible: The Human Abstract have collectively felt it appropriate to inform its fanbase that A.J. Minette is no longer in the band. A.J. and the rest of the group had been at odds with each other about the artistic direction of the new album. A.J. was tired of playing metal, plain and simple, and the rest of the band wanted to continue the high-energy live shows and hard edged sound they had fashioned and developed over the past two years of touring, and felt like totally changing the sound on the audience of fans and friends they had built would have been like a smack in the face to all those that had been coming out and supporting the shows. A.J.'s exact words were: 'I don't feel like I can get onstage and feel honest about playing metal anymore.' The Human Abstract has always been, and will continue to be, a heavy band. We would all like to thank A.J. for his contribution and efforts in The Human Abstract over the past 3 years.

In light of A.J.'s departure, The Human Abstract has gained two new members: A new guitarist, Andrew Tapley, and a new keyboard prodigy Sean Leonard. The Human Abstract has been getting along better than ever, and has been hard at work in the studio with producer Toby Wright (Metallica, Alice In Chains, In Flames) on their sophomore release, which will be a multi-level non-fiction concept album... something with a storyline that tells real stories about real people, something that tells a story that lies so deeply within the human cycle of being, that it has always been, and may always be within the recesses of our concious thought. We definitely want to strike a chord with such force on this particular effort, that all who hear it, must listen to its important message within message display. We've always been a band that barrels into the adversity and opportunity thrown our way, and definitely didn't turn a shy eye to the opportunity to work with the legendary Toby Wright, or turn away from the opportunity to play on this year's Take Action tour with Every Time I Die, From First To Last, The Bled, and August Burns Red, starting February 14th in Detroit, Michigan."

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