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Trustkill responds to Hopesfall accusations

Monday, January 28, 2008 6:45 PM PT

As expected, Trustkill Records has responded to recent comments made by Hopesfall regarding the label. As you may recall, as part of their recent break-up announcement, Hopesfall drummer Jason Trabue stated that "I hate Trustkill and its owner. Hahahaha. He's not the reason we broke up but I (we) do hate him."

Soon thereafter, Trabue was interviewed by Ryan's Rock Show and claimed, among other things, that Trustkill left Hopesfall $20,000 in debt.

Ryan's Rock Show has since conducted an interview with Trustkill president Josh Grabelle, during which Grabelle responded:

"[Trabue] does not speak a shred of truth... I heard those guys got into some pretty hardcore drugs... and they are just miserable."

You can decide for yourself. Both the Hopesfall and Grabelle interviews can be heard here.

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