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First patient to communicate via brain implant asks to hear Tool album 3/23/2022 449,252 views
After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe found dead 7/22/2015 391,614 views
Brass Against vocalist urinates on fan during concert 11/12/2021 294,833 views
Slayer, Lamb Of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, Testament tour 1/12/2018 184,629 views
Indiana metal band defaces Dimebag Darrell's grave 2/28/2015 165,757 views
ex-Champion, True Identity singer accused of being 'child predator' 6/8/2016 155,476 views
Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying) reportedly out of jail 2/9/2017 133,939 views
Rotting Out singer arrested for trafficking drugs 3/24/2016 129,669 views
Ticketmaster changes refund policy amid COVID-19 outbreak 4/13/2020 126,835 views
As I Lay Dying singer arrested for plotting murder 5/7/2013 111,914 views
Emmure members all quit band except vocalist 12/22/2015 111,858 views
Attila vocalist and Emmure frontman go at it on Twitter 2/16/2018 109,504 views
Tim Lambesis filed $35 million lawsuit over enlarged breasts 9/22/2016 107,927 views
As I Lay Dying to feature 'classic' lineup 6/4/2018 104,599 views
Slayer, Lamb Of God, Behemoth tour rumored 2/25/2017 104,223 views
Upon A Burning Body singer 'ass kicked' by female 8/11/2015 96,896 views
As I Lay Dying guitarist Nick Hipa exits band 8/15/2020 95,739 views
Anal C*nt guitarist heckles Gene Simmons during live event 11/16/2017 94,127 views
Cave In bassist Caleb Scofield dies 3/29/2018 91,999 views
Suicide Silence frontman accused of sexual misconduct 11/15/2017 90,545 views
The Ghost Inside: three members in critical condition 11/20/2015 89,917 views
Warped Tour 2017 lineup allegedly leaks 3/19/2017 85,112 views
Hardcore frontwoman faked having cancer for money 9/9/2015 84,705 views
Nails, ex-Bad Brains, Danzig members launch band, debut song 8/8/2017 84,538 views
After The Burial's Justin Lowe allegedly missing 7/20/2015 82,413 views
Warped Tour announces final lineup 3/1/2018 81,038 views
Cannibal Corpse frontman Corpsegrinder's name removed from World of Warcraft over homophobic remarks 10/19/2021 81,031 views
Nails cancel tour, reportedly go on hiatus 7/25/2016 80,861 views
A Day To Remember wins $4 million verdict against Victory Recs 11/23/2016 76,396 views
Korn guitarist calls Chester Bennington suicide 'cowardly' 7/20/2017 76,106 views
System Of A Down confirms new album 11/9/2016 75,462 views
Earth Crisis, Cursed, Fall Out Boy members launch new band 6/28/2016 75,228 views
Acacia Strain, Emmure singers trade blows 9/14/2009 74,239 views
The Ghost Inside drummer: 'I know I'm lucky' 4/29/2016 68,441 views
BTBAM to embark upon 10th anniversary 'Colors' tour 3/8/2017 67,423 views
Chiodos breaks up 11/1/2016 66,758 views
Falling In Reverse guitarist Derek Jones dies 4/21/2020 66,599 views
Norma Jean singer trashed by peers for social media post 6/3/2020 66,196 views
Lorna Shore kick out vocalist CJ McCreery 12/23/2019 65,261 views
Ex-Hatebreed drummer found guilty of murder 3/5/2016 64,486 views
Warped Tour 2016 lineup allegedly leaked 3/19/2016 64,260 views
Tim Lambesis reportedly set to relaunch As I Lay Dying 9/2/2017 63,915 views
Gift Giver bassist quits, says band is homophobic 6/13/2015 63,732 views
Lorna Shore's new vocalist revealed 3/6/2020 63,601 views
Slaves and Jonny Craig suspended from Warped Tour 7/18/2015 63,184 views
The Black Dahlia Murder debuts new song 5/17/2011 62,822 views
I Prevail lose tour bus, belongings to fire 10/15/2016 62,666 views
Crosscheck drummer jumped, hospitalized 7/31/2015 61,761 views
Monolithic Recs inks father/daughter grindcore duo 2/9/2013 59,859 views
Miss Fortune singer details troubling relationship w/ Tyler Carter 9/3/2020 59,254 views

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