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Nuclear Blast Records signs Korpiklaani

Saturday, September 1, 2007 9:34 AM PT

Finnish folk/metal/thrash outfit Korpiklaani has officially signed a worldwide record deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The group had previously released material under the name Shaman. You can listen to some of their music here.


9/1/2007 9:38:54 AM
And now I sprained my tongue trying to pronounce this shit. god this sucks ass.

9/1/2007 10:16:02 AM
....is this shit still legal?

9/1/2007 2:52:28 PM
why would i waste  my time listening to gay finnish folk music?

9/1/2007 6:15:48 PM
this both sucks and rules at the same time.

9/1/2007 6:43:41 PM
You wouldn't, because you're a lame, ignorant piece of shit that can't see out of the bubble you wil be stuck in for the rest of your hideous, pathetic existence.

9/1/2007 7:00:53 PM
wow that was just stupid plan fcking stupid

9/1/2007 8:40:01 PM
you couldn't suffice with one "a"? fcking faagots

9/1/2007 11:00:22 PM
suck my jagon

9/2/2007 2:26:07 AM
fck the haters. their new album Tervaskanto will definately be on my year end top 10. great band.

9/2/2007 2:54:40 PM
grindcore. find me at a show and fight me. i'm going on tour soon so i may hit up your town, bitch. say it to my fcking face, gay

9/2/2007 5:17:24 PM
touring is NOT an excuse to fight people from a website, canadian.

9/2/2007 5:21:39 PM
watch out, cryptic_slaughter. he might bro-down all over you if you're not careful.

9/2/2007 5:23:09 PM
i don't think you really have to worry though. after his band releases 700 crappy seven inches this month that no one buys, they'll undoubtedly break up and he'll have to go back to work, cleaning up peoples' feces.

9/3/2007 3:22:54 PM
If you don't like this you are nothing but pure gay