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In Flames prepares to enter studio

Thursday, August 30, 2007 12:58 PM PT

Now that they've finished touring in support of their last album, In Flames is set to begin the pre-production process for their new album. Next week the group will enter IF Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden to commence recording. The entire process will be documented via Myspace video, with a new episode to be available on every Monday (starting September 10th). Look for the new album to hit stores next spring via Ferret Music.


8/30/2007 1:00:18 PM
first post. no fcking carer

8/30/2007 1:07:23 PM
*cares* -absolutely no one

8/30/2007 1:08:04 PM
well this sucks

8/30/2007 1:10:48 PM

8/30/2007 1:10:51 PM
Blllllllllllahrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhghhhhhhh help me

8/30/2007 1:14:47 PM
*starts push pit*

8/30/2007 1:26:04 PM
wes borland guest solo. yesss

8/30/2007 1:41:50 PM
*records nine hundredth album* *sucks*

8/30/2007 1:42:26 PM

8/30/2007 1:42:51 PM
if it could only be another colony

8/30/2007 1:52:40 PM
why the fck do they put out cds so fast put more time into each one

8/30/2007 2:21:03 PM
This band will continue to put out records until they fart gothenberg dust.

8/30/2007 3:28:15 PM
Sweedish pop album of the year.

8/30/2007 3:31:19 PM
put out a decent album.

8/30/2007 3:48:58 PM
a tour with korn is in the works

8/30/2007 4:03:21 PM
fcking sweet news. I don't know why so many people give their last record so much shit. It's no colony, clayman, or whoracle. I know.

8/30/2007 4:03:36 PM
Some of you need to calm the fck down. I do agree with them needing to put more time and effort into this next release. \m/

8/30/2007 5:56:13 PM
hopefully this won't suck as bad as their last album. fck ferret

8/30/2007 8:41:55 PM
fck the haters, fan since the jester race. I just wished it was as good, if not better then that cd, hopefully not another c-m clarity

8/30/2007 9:49:51 PM
the first three albums where good. now they're gays. total metallica syndrome.

8/31/2007 12:46:52 AM
*awaits another shitacular release

8/31/2007 12:32:45 PM
Ferret ruined this band.

8/31/2007 6:16:20 PM
how many records have hese asswipes released in the last 5 years?

8/31/2007 7:17:06 PM
Good Band, thats about it

8/31/2007 11:32:27 PM
they wanted to release their first webisode on sept 11th but...... well, lets just agree to disagree.

9/2/2007 8:27:36 PM
In Flames is a pop band now, which sucks. Their live set has lost all the colony and clayman tracks, but they still were bringin' it pretty hard for old dudes the last time I saw them.