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Dillinger Escape Plan adds guitarist

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 8:27 AM PT

Dillinger Escape Plan is now utilizing the services of guitarist Jeff Tuttle, most recently of Detroit experimental rock outfit Heads Will Roll. There has been no official word regarding Tuttle's role within the band, though he will presumably pick up the slack left by DEP guitarist Brian Benoit, who remains physically unable to perform with the band.


7/31/2007 8:32:52 AM
first post...........that is beyond awesome......

7/31/2007 8:39:29 AM

7/31/2007 8:46:01 AM
fck YES! jeff tuttle is a fcking ROCKER and will definitely fall right into place with these guys. awesome news.

7/31/2007 10:02:27 AM
he needs a funny youtube video introduction.

7/31/2007 10:58:00 AM
Great news for tuttle and dep..I still feel sorry for Brian Benoit.

7/31/2007 11:04:05 AM
Heads Will Roll rocked and Jeff is a killer guitar player. Good news indeed. Although I would really like to hear a new Heads Will Roll record...

7/31/2007 12:18:52 PM

7/31/2007 12:35:11 PM
I'm stoked.

7/31/2007 12:46:49 PM
brain still writes right? he just doesn't play

7/31/2007 12:56:09 PM
"physically unable to preform" is he playing in the NFL?

7/31/2007 12:58:01 PM
he is gonna shread

7/31/2007 1:03:33 PM
He has had arm or shoulder or rotator cup surgery... i think multiple times too. He just nevers seems to have recovered. idk why. probably came back too soon, re-aggrivated the injury and fcked himself.

7/31/2007 3:10:15 PM
where is his funny youtube intro?

7/31/2007 4:29:28 PM
exciting, but poor brian benoit. guy's been there from the beginning and can't get his shit to heal.

7/31/2007 4:48:56 PM
crazy awesome.

7/31/2007 5:17:27 PM
first gil sharone now jeff tuttle? this is gonna be the most experimental album they've done, i can't fcking wait.

7/31/2007 5:21:25 PM
Heads will Roll was cool.... good for DEP

7/31/2007 6:46:59 PM
great guitar player, now if they could find someone talented on vocals..

7/31/2007 8:43:26 PM
Im still pulling for Brian, good dude.

7/31/2007 8:45:37 PM

7/31/2007 9:41:54 PM
this is so fckin sweet! capture the flag

8/1/2007 12:45:32 AM
brian was fcking bit by a dog. fcked his hand up bad. dillinger kept talkin about him getting a luke skywalker hand to match his hair.

8/1/2007 1:52:47 AM
i get scared of the word experimental when it's used too much. this album better not be a mixture of gay jazzy gayry and looped synth aidsology.

8/1/2007 2:52:21 AM
this will definitely be their most interesting album..

8/1/2007 3:48:13 AM
Still a damn shame Minakakis left the band. Also curious if Gil is up to it live compared to Pennie.. We'll see. Oh well, no matter, Meshuggah/DEP tour is gonna rule!

8/1/2007 10:09:05 AM
Nigga said "aidsology".

8/1/2007 5:49:35 PM
"dot357 8/1/2007 3:48:13 AM Still a damn shame Minakakis left the band." Wow... you know... you're about 5 years behind on that one, pal.

8/2/2007 3:05:21 AM
That's why I used the word "still" ... pal.

8/2/2007 1:37:43 PM
Heads will roll are nothing special, I cant see what this guy has to offer to DEP, final nail in the coffin dudes