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Dillinger Escape Plan replaces drummer

Friday, June 15, 2007 6:37 PM PT

Dillinger Escape Plan has officially acknowledged the departure of drummer Chris Pennie, who will apparently dedicate his time to Coheed and Cambria. Taking his place is drummer Gil Sharone, who has previously performed with Fishbone and Plus-44, among others. Here's an introduction video, complete with some sweet Sopranos action. Meanwhile, DEP will release a new album this fall titled "Ire Works." Here's a statement from the band:

"Know that what we are in the process of recording will be everything we have ever been capable of, and now more. This last year, and how we have gotten through it and to the place we are now, will define all of our lives for a long time. You will hear it in the music and words when you hear this album, and when you see us play live you will see the newfound energy that we now have from making it through all this together. Some of you are new, some of you have been with us for a long time. Regardless, we have a long way left to go, and the thing that we share together besides the music is making it through obstacles in our lives. We have overcome everything from multiple member changes in the early years, members suffering physical impairment or injury that has made it impossible to continue playing, and financial, physical, personal, and internal problems that many bands would never make it through. We take forever to put out records, and put everything we have into them. This band goes beyond just writing music and lyrics for us, it exists in every aspect of our lives 24 hours a day, and everything we experience and go through ends up going into this band in some way. When we see familiar faces on tour, we know that in the time since we have seen you last, you have had to deal with a lot in your own life just to get there again. Life is not easy, but it is the overcoming of obstacles and the amount of fight we have inside of us that will define us. We are going through all this together in some way or another. Please welcome this new time for us. The past was great, but the future will be greater I promise, if every day we didn't know for a fact that it would be, we wouldn't continue. We love you all for sticking though us through all of this. You'll hear it and see us soon."


6/15/2007 6:39:35 PM

6/15/2007 6:43:11 PM
Calculating Infinity > whatever they're hyping now

6/15/2007 6:43:12 PM

6/15/2007 6:43:23 PM

6/15/2007 6:44:36 PM
Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CARES?

6/15/2007 6:44:52 PM
Best part about the band. Well the new one will probably now suck more than miss machine.

6/15/2007 6:45:06 PM
C&C? Seriously? Wow.

6/15/2007 6:46:40 PM
wow gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

6/15/2007 7:00:28 PM
wow. just wow.

6/15/2007 7:02:03 PM
I don't know if Chris is gone permanently. Gil had a blog on his myspace (now mysteriously deleted) that said he was playing on DEP's new album; he didn't say anything about joining the band or even touring with them

6/15/2007 7:03:32 PM
this is weird but at the same time interesting

6/15/2007 7:05:22 PM
Time to give it up.

6/15/2007 7:27:20 PM
Plus 44? Isn't that the band with Mark Hoppus? Or am I completely off?

6/15/2007 7:47:32 PM
These days, cowards outnumber the heroes...

6/15/2007 8:07:36 PM
pennie is irreplaceable

6/15/2007 8:16:00 PM
Fishbone rules. What a self-indulgent rant though. Their new stuff will probably be lame too...we'll see

6/15/2007 8:31:04 PM
I love all of DEP's stuff.

6/15/2007 8:43:57 PM
Um, fcking Plus 44?

6/15/2007 8:45:52 PM
i love chris pennie and am really upset he left, but gil is sick, i saw him fill in for travis barker with plus 44, and well anyone who can fill in for travis is good.

6/15/2007 8:49:24 PM
i still haev respect

6/15/2007 9:25:07 PM
quite the melodramatic press release, but fck. chris pennie. booooooooo

6/15/2007 9:52:16 PM
sick_d00d 6/15/2007 8:45:52 PM i love chris pennie and am really upset he left, but gil is sick, i saw him fill in for travis barker with plus 44, and well anyone who can fill in for travis is good. LOL

6/15/2007 10:18:06 PM
chris still wrote the songs, but withtwo members out, why bother?

6/15/2007 10:44:42 PM
that video was hilarious.

6/16/2007 12:01:45 AM
lol @ coheed, what the fck is the world comin to. worst news ever

6/16/2007 12:06:10 AM
this is the most ridiculous shit ive ever heard... never saw this coming

6/16/2007 12:09:44 AM
Notice they didn't once mention Chris or acknowledge him directly or give the obligatory "we want to thank Chris for all of the hard work he has put into the band, we wish him the best of luck". They're pissed

6/16/2007 1:38:39 AM
that was long-winded

6/16/2007 1:49:35 AM
tomgilk 6/15/2007 7:47:32 PM These days, cowards outnumber the heroes... <<<--first thing i thought of. new dude wont' stack up to pennie though. dude is/was a machine.

6/16/2007 2:34:43 AM
after putting out miss machine, i wouldn't want to be in this band either. anyone else get the feeling that the statement was written by someone with english as a 2nd language? i definitely won't expect much on the lyrical end of things..

6/16/2007 3:03:10 AM
good one, troy. you're a gay.

6/16/2007 3:16:05 AM
I've been watching this band grow since way before all the gays with subscriptions to Alternative Press started jocking the shit out of Miss Machine. I'll continue to be interested in seeing what DEP does.

6/16/2007 3:49:53 AM
what in the fcking hell... well... they're half way fcked

6/16/2007 3:50:48 AM
holy...fcking...damn! my jaw actually dropped when i read the title.

6/16/2007 4:03:28 AM
still haev respect for those guys because they are capable of releasing an album such as Calculating infinty. BUT...Irony is a Dead Scene made me want to vomit...there new stuff will probably be lame too. we'll see

6/16/2007 4:04:16 AM
the rumors were true apparently. chris is amazing. kinda shocked to hear this. i've loved this band since calculating, and will continue to love em. one of the best live acts ever.

6/16/2007 7:11:31 AM
you all act like a certain 2 fellows weren't bawling their eyes out during a c&c set at a shai hulud show in baltimore

6/16/2007 10:01:37 AM
Gil Sharone is an awesome drummer. But, chris gave dillinger their sound. Be interesting to see what they sound like now. COHEED SUCKS!!!!!!

6/16/2007 10:30:53 AM
Ok Chris Pennie is a great drummer and all but leaving to play for Coheed!?!? fcking gay rush cover band....enjoy playing shit music.

6/16/2007 11:31:22 AM
Worst news ever. The record will still destroy just a much. They found the right dude to fill the spot....

6/16/2007 11:42:49 AM
This is important news to me. Now i've got to change my whole schedule!

6/16/2007 12:46:10 PM
So DEP broke up? Are there any original members left?

6/16/2007 12:52:22 PM
Break up, gays.

6/16/2007 2:03:48 PM
*waits for awesome new coheed album*

6/16/2007 3:09:35 PM
man i hope they pull through like they did after dmitri left. but chris pennie is pretty much irreplaceable

6/16/2007 3:15:47 PM
*shocked* i cant believe it, this is bullshit. no care about this band, ever again. c&c are queer.

6/16/2007 5:50:42 PM
i still have hope in this band

6/16/2007 7:15:22 PM
horrible news, but I'll judge it when I hear it.

6/16/2007 7:17:18 PM
i saw this new drummer's solos on youtube, he is unreal. he can play any DEP song w/ ease. should be cool to watch him play blast beats

6/16/2007 7:59:00 PM
dillinger without chris penne? i guess once dimitri left it opened up the flood gates...

6/16/2007 8:29:54 PM
.....chris penis.

6/16/2007 9:16:54 PM
yeah pennie is really going to make full use of his abilities playing with c&c

6/17/2007 2:37:56 AM
this band will ne nothing now... nothing

6/17/2007 12:09:58 PM
chris pennie is going to be so bored with this shit. what a shame.

6/17/2007 3:03:39 PM
gil can replace him. its hard to part with a drummer like chris but honestly this new dude can do it. he knows what hes doing behind a drum set.

6/17/2007 4:35:05 PM
what unlearned ass hole wrote that paragraph?

6/17/2007 9:23:38 PM
2 fkn l no fkn r

6/18/2007 4:27:26 AM

6/18/2007 1:18:28 PM
wow, that sucks. dude was solid as shit.

6/18/2007 1:25:24 PM
I just want to go back to Under the Running Board days... :(

6/18/2007 2:18:18 PM
Lambgoat main page posters are gay.

6/18/2007 3:01:49 PM
this is actually kind of old news, it just hasn't been official. i don't care much for coheed... i don't know what chris is thinking.

6/18/2007 3:25:00 PM

6/18/2007 6:54:17 PM
anyone who leaves any band to play with c and c is a gay.. chris was good drummer but he is a gay. gay gay gay.. go suck a dck gay

6/18/2007 9:30:44 PM
thats not fckign funny webby

6/18/2007 10:29:51 PM
worst news ever

6/19/2007 1:47:56 AM
glad to see chris went on to do some real shit.. DEP is tight if you like some tech shit. but the money likes radio likes money type shit... dude is keepin it real. and thats tight.. tight like gay

6/19/2007 7:48:29 AM
if you think this is gonna suck you're crazy. i really think gil is gonna bring a whole new level of technical wizardry to this band. if that's possible.

6/19/2007 2:23:26 PM
I think that DEP never stopped to improve (even with the departure of Dimitri). They always experiment a little more on each release, hope they'll continue like that with their new drummer. He looks good.

6/20/2007 1:02:03 PM
70 post and going strong... Chris is a tool... It be better if it was C & C music factory.

6/20/2007 3:00:57 PM
i bet chris' initiation into coheed will entail an rear massacre which will become a scene in the next comic book their fraggle of a singer will release.

6/20/2007 3:52:45 PM
seriously? people still give a shit about this band?

6/21/2007 4:47:40 AM
LOL @ C+C Music Factory. I've seriously been thinking that since the top of the page, fcker beat me to it. New drummer is incredible. New record will be better than Miss Machine, but will probably not top Calculating.