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Century Media signs Divine Heresy

Thursday, May 17, 2007 4:10 PM PT

Official press release:

After a five-year hiatus, Dino Cazares (co-founding member of the revolutionary band Fear Factory) has triumphantly returned with a new group that is quickly going to force the entire genre to take notice. This new juggernaut is Divine Heresy whose members feature Cazares handling guitar and bass duties, Tim Yeung (Hate Eternal, Vital Remains) on drums and newcomer Tommy Vext on vocals. This band will redefine the true meaning of extreme with their Century Media Records debut offering, "Bleed The Fifth," which is set for an August release. (The record will be released on Century Media in North America with Roadrunner Records having the rights to all other territories).

"Bleed The Fifth" was produced by Dirty Icon (Logan Mader and Lucas Banker) and co-produced by Divine Heresy. Dirty Icon and Divine Heresy also handled the mixing duties. Joachim Luetke (Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy) has also created the album's striking cover art, which perfectly compliments the music's sheer intensity.

This offering is unquestionably Cazares career defining work and he states: "It took me four years to find the right musicians to make this happen and I'm very excited to finally unleash this to the world. Many people will be wondering what it sounds like, but it is hard for me to describe it. All I can say is when you hear the legendary machine gun riffs mixed with Tim Yeung's lighting speed double bass drums combined with Tommy's brutal and powerful vocals, just be prepared to face the Annihilation. I promise you will not be disappointed."

Tommy Vext delivers what could be the most impressive debut vocal performance in years and the world has yet to witness such a dynamic individual. Vext states, "Approaching this I realized that I would have to bring a lot to the table working with such renown and accomplished musicians. Having everyone coming from different metal backgrounds was a challenge, but it is that exact formula that gives us such an eclectic sound. Also, having worked with vocal instructor Melissa Cross (Zen of Screaming) for the past three years I'd utilized those tools and exercises to push my abilities further than I ever imagined. I am so proud and excited to unveil this band to the world!"

The metal/hard rock world has been anxiously awaiting Cazares return since he left Fear Factory and he will quickly prove that he was the force that propelled them to the forefront of the scene in the 90's. Cazares takes his performance to a new level with Divine Heresy whose brutal, unrelenting and overall refreshing sound will quickly garner legions of followers who are starving to hear something devastating and unique.


5/17/2007 4:13:09 PM
First Post.

5/17/2007 4:18:02 PM
Wow this is lame. Yes.. My client would like to 'bleed the fifth..' Only a fat Mexican would think that's cool.

5/17/2007 4:24:34 PM
fear factory was revolutionary?

5/17/2007 4:26:39 PM
comments must be between 10 and 300 characters. Garbage.

5/17/2007 4:28:50 PM
whoaa, hey there buddy, you dropped melissa cross's name. Pick it up

5/17/2007 4:33:36 PM
Nobody cares. bring back brujeria

5/17/2007 5:06:53 PM
first no care ever

5/17/2007 5:59:19 PM
hah so pathetic, he decides to make a band so he gets a record deal because he was in some shit hole? there's no music to listen, nothing of value except tim playing drums. some bs about some debut vocals? WTF IS THAT! fck off fat spic

5/17/2007 6:10:31 PM
BRUTAL !!! naw im playing dino is gay dude should kill himself!!!

5/17/2007 6:43:17 PM
Century sign of the week! Brought to you by Lambgoat.com!

5/17/2007 8:28:21 PM
Century Media needs to quit signing so many shit bands.

5/17/2007 8:34:04 PM
Don't know who this band is, but don't care

5/17/2007 9:27:20 PM
"mummified_circuitry 5/17/2007 4:24:34 PM fear factory was revolutionary?" Yeah, I know that's hard to believe considering you just got out of screamo and discovered JFAC on myspace, but yeah... they were.

5/17/2007 11:22:33 PM
its a conspiracy! century media and metal blade are in a contest to see who can sign more shitty bands within a given time frame. *thinks about the music industry, puts shotgun in mouth like black c-ck of death. pulls trigger*

5/18/2007 12:24:58 PM
i agree, Fear Factory sounded like no other band when the released their first two albums. "Demanufacture" still stands the test of time. do yourself and go download it, because i am sure buying the cd is far beyond anyone's comprehension nowadays.

5/18/2007 12:26:43 PM
do yourself a favor, my bad. too much beer this morning, but again if you feel the need to do yourself then have at that too.

5/20/2007 6:08:35 PM
this band epitomizes "half-ass"

5/22/2007 10:12:36 PM
brujeria is still doing stuff, shane from Napalm Death plays guitar for them now. i wanna see more stuff from Dino's other band Asesino