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I Killed The Prom Queen breaks up

Sunday, April 08, 2007 9:15 AM PT

Australian metalcore outfit I Killed The Prom Queen has officially called it quits. Formed in 2000, the group has released material with Hand Of Hope Records and Metal Blade Records, among others. The following statement has been issued:

"We regret to announce that I Killed The Prom Queen will no longer continue as a band. The final nail in the coffin came when Jona was asked to join USA Metal group Bleeding Through as second guitarist. This, coupled with our inability to find a replacement vocalist, aided the decision to end the band.

We would all like to sincerely thank all our friends and family and our label's Stomp, Metal Blade, Golf and Howling Bull records for their ongoing support of IKTPQ and most of all we would like to thank all the fans that made the last 7 years the most amazing years of our lives. We feel that we made a good impact on the Australian and world wide music scenes.

We also apologise for the cancellation of our upcoming USA tour-dates. The band will announce a final farewell Australian tour in the coming months."


4/8/2007 9:21:25 AM
fck, oh my god...why? I can't believe this shit. how could this happen? lol

4/8/2007 9:25:38 AM
2nd toast, one less metalcore band

4/8/2007 9:49:35 AM
Lambgoat = bringer of great news since... yesterday! First Eighteen Visions reportedly breaking up and now these ass-clowns! Blessed be!

4/8/2007 10:02:15 AM
Amazing news, time for the keg. Even though its only 10 am.

4/8/2007 10:17:02 AM
THE MOB GOES...apathetic...no care ever, dwep, eat aids

4/8/2007 11:02:07 AM
Their last album was actually tolerable, i thought. Nonetheless, i shall not shed a tear.

4/8/2007 11:19:24 AM
maybe they wont be at NEHMF now

4/8/2007 11:29:13 AM
i am having a pretty awesome day already. this aided to the awesomeness.

4/8/2007 11:54:20 AM
bleeding through lost a guitarist?

4/8/2007 11:56:22 AM
not one band can stay together. is it that fcking hard?

4/8/2007 12:16:32 PM
*throws another shrimp on the barbie*

4/8/2007 12:23:11 PM
absolutely amazing news. thanks LG

4/8/2007 12:45:24 PM
"Jona was asked to join USA Metal group Bleeding Through as second guitarist." kid with the bleeding through portrait tattooed on him is PISSED

4/8/2007 12:46:10 PM
God damn it. I've loved this band since high school!

4/8/2007 1:35:28 PM

4/8/2007 1:53:44 PM
rofl no care ever

4/8/2007 1:56:39 PM
one less metalcore band

4/8/2007 1:58:18 PM
Good. No care. fck this band!

4/8/2007 3:16:20 PM
i liked 'em. a guilty pleasure of sorts. they seemed to plagued with the same shit that has happened with my band, no one can fcking stay put. the grass is always greener on the other side, i guess.

4/8/2007 3:22:12 PM
cave in, no care evr

4/8/2007 3:34:07 PM
rest assured some kid with a swooshy haircut somewhere hung himself after hearing this

4/8/2007 4:29:18 PM
holy shit. come on 18v lease be broken up. then apri 07l would be the month were 3 terrible bands broke up.

4/8/2007 4:33:16 PM
Thats gay this bands albums served as my soundtrack to my Elder Scrolls Oblivion experience. Im so gunna lose sleep over this.

4/8/2007 6:19:59 PM
no care ever

4/8/2007 7:13:08 PM
We ARE PLEASED to announce that I Killed The Prom Queen will no longer continue as a band

4/8/2007 7:30:38 PM
I'm filled with glee

4/8/2007 7:32:05 PM

4/9/2007 12:08:40 AM
First "first post"

4/9/2007 12:55:59 AM
Absolutely not giving a shit. Good riddance.

4/9/2007 1:25:59 AM
whaaaaaaaaaaat, noooooooooo. fck man. that sucks...... they fcken kick ass .... and who from bleeding through left the band ???

4/9/2007 6:52:18 AM
sweet. fck this band.

4/9/2007 10:24:09 AM
Thank you to whoever it was that made this possible

4/9/2007 10:33:58 AM

4/9/2007 2:08:52 PM

4/9/2007 2:52:54 PM
fcking fantastic! now bleeding through and all other "USA Metal groups" need to break up.

4/9/2007 3:03:21 PM
:D teh ultimate happy face

4/9/2007 3:53:55 PM
hey i suggested they use me... but they went with the UK kid.. haha i actually love these kids

4/10/2007 12:34:19 PM
gooday mates

4/10/2007 6:53:44 PM
There guys are my gods! I'm like 3 sec from cutting my wrists atm ^^ (just kidding about the emo shit)

4/10/2007 8:28:09 PM
it dies today2 broke up!? nooooooooo