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Nuclear Blast Records signs Samael

Sunday, March 4, 2007 12:39 PM PT

Nuclear Blast Records has officially announced the signing of Swiss metal band Samael. Formed in 1987, the band has previously released material with Century Media Records and Osmose Productions, among others, The group is currently finishing up their new album, "Solar Soul," which was recorded last fall in Switzerland. Comments vocalist Vorph:

"We're thrilled to enter this new collaboration with an album we believe to be our greatest achievement to date. We know Nuclear Blast is providing a solid ground that will enable us to build something worth your attention. For us, it feels like the time is now!"

"Solar Soul" will hit stores on June 15th.


3/4/2007 12:52:18 PM

3/4/2007 12:56:58 PM

3/4/2007 1:16:39 PM
I thought that name was familiar. These guys arent bad.

3/4/2007 2:16:54 PM
I saw them with Spineshank and Ill Nino ahahha. in like 2003

3/4/2007 3:39:37 PM
ceremony of opposites and passage are both great albums. saw them play over 10 years ago to about 70 people, with a little band called dimmu borgir opened up

3/4/2007 5:34:03 PM
ill ninooo

3/4/2007 6:50:22 PM
wow so they jumped ship from Century Media to Nuclear Blast... this constitutes as news?!

3/4/2007 8:47:19 PM
I remember back in the day when they didn't sound like Rammstein...

3/5/2007 1:15:37 PM
still an amazing band, but CM and NB seem to be trading bands left and right these days...